Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance to the Dayang Dayang Song

Introducing Dos Fuertas song: Dayang Dayang!

Dos Fuertes is a new group composed of young and experimental talents. The term Dos Fuertes means two forces which best describes the group since they are only composed of two members. The Group is comprised of Mohamed Bansil, Musical Producer ,DJ and Vocals, and Clifford Ronquillo,Mohammed Bansil Lyrical Composer and Lead Vocals.

Dos Fuertes comes from the City of Zamboanga. The concept of the group is to represent their origin and culture by singing/rapping in their local dialect Chavacano and TAUSUG at the same time giving their listeners a sudden urge to stand up and dance through their hard hitting, regaeton dance oriented musical rhythms and beats.

Dos Fuertes is the solution for those in need of a "HYPER-FIX" :-)

Mohamed Bansil

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