Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Suspected Bomber Arrested in Indanan

At 10:30 am Sunday, June 1, 2014, a cockpit (pagtatakbian or Tarik) at Indanan was disturbed by the approaching arresting officers composed of policemen and soldiers.

The policemen were members of the Philippine National's Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

"Dapa!" said one officer. "Isa lang ang huhulihin namin."

Did you think for a second that the "Tarik" was raided? No, no, no!

Hearing the loud order from a well-built Police Officer, most cockfight connoisseurs dropped low, but then those who could run away from the cockpit sprinted as fast as their feet could able; even some policemen who were not members of the raiding team and were frequent customers of the cockfight house bolted away, too.

Of course, some scampered hugging their priced "Manuk Tatakbi" in their chest.

One person who fled from the commotion stumbled over. The gun he was carrying was seen from her belly. He was also arrested (though he was not the objective).

The CIDG was only there to serve warrant to a suspect, Mihaji Hamjuda alias Mahang, who was found to have been hiding in the area of Ummul Qurrah in Barangay Kajatian.

The arrest warrant was issued by the presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC)-9th Judicial Region, Branch 4 in Parang town.

Even before the coming of the majority of the arresting team, two intel officers had already been flanking the suspect, limiting his ability to escape.

When the suspect was about to be stomped in the back while being handcuffed lying on the ground, a civilian shouted: "Inform him of his rights! In case you don't know, there is already Human Rights Monitoring Center in Sulu."

So, the arresting officers read the suspect the Miranda doctrine.

"Hamjuda has three standing warrants for multiple murder and frustrated murder. He is said to be responsible for the September 2009 bombing in Kagay Roadside, Jolo, Sulu that killed two American soldiers, a Filipino Marine and wounded three others in Barangay Kagay in Indanan,” Chief Supt. Benjamin Magalong, director of the Philippine National Police's Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), said

The troops were on their way to inspect a school project when their vehicle, a Humvee, rolled over an improvised bomb.

“He was taken to Zamboanga City before he will be turned over to the court which issued the arrest warrant,” said Magalong.

Will this incident strengthen the People's trust towards law enforcers in Sulu?

Will the case filed in proper courts increase in number? Will the people now cease to put the law into their own hands?

One might wonder why there was apparent decrease in crimes at the Pondohan in Sitangkai. It is because of the ever-present Philippine Navy patrolling the area.

If you have to do something bad, you shall immediately be corralled in the center of the sea, with no where to run to.

Unlike in Sulu where the land area is a little bit wider, some of those areas are even treacherous forests, Pondohan in Sitangkai has few hiding places.

But even so, alias Mahang was not able to hide forever in the hinterland of Sulu from the rule of law. He was arrested. In a cockpit near Ummul Qurra Village, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu.

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