Friday, June 6, 2014

To Fight a Lonely Battle

It's hard to be alone in a crowd. It's hard to be alone here in Sulu, where you fight a lonely battle, it's hard to fight a battle with little resources but the only things you have.

What more, it's hard to be sandwiched between two clasping juggernauts of a man.

But how can you avoid talking about them when they are good -- and bad as well -- examples from which you can learn something? When they are the only ones that can exemplify laws and order in Sulu, of warlords and politics, of peace and prosperity?

Had you chosen not to be talked about, you should have hidden yourselves in the cave. Had you chosen not to be criticized, you should have lived like simple people, away from spotlight.

But there you are at the center stage, hectoring all attention to yourselves. How can we avoid talking about you?

Should we then talk in hushed whispers or use codes to disseminate reflections of learning about living in a land called Sulu?

But then, thanks to all friends who still trust us, who are still with us. Thank you to all of you -- you know who you are.

We will remain as fiercely neutral as possible. We are not taking sides, but the sides of goodness, morality, and equal opportunities for all.

So, eat your heart out, darling. Eat your heart out. Bleh, tay sa kaw yan. Makabusung da sa ini kami, promise.

We are not going to use many figurative speeches to convey our ideas. We are used in using plain language, to the point and true.

We will not go to the extremes of talking about "a Kingdom so far far away," and use images and metaphors of which we are not good at.

We will not tell stories in a fabled sort of way, of ducks and chicken, of myth and chimera, of lions and rats.

And you should be named, my Lord Putkinses. You are to us a source of inspiration, strength and chaos.

We need not study coded language in order to avoid displeasing you with our honest observations and reflections of the day-to-day life in Sulu.

No matter what we say, there will always be some people, who will be hurt, who will react.

But please, look at it in a broad-minded sort of way. You'll see that it is most helpful to you and our people, in the long run.

And so, it's a No! We won't change a thing of our personality. We will not go into MTRCB-izing our blogs and posts.

It's either you adopt to it, or we grow together and make a better Sulu. Both is a better choice.

Take your pick.

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