Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Burglar Steals Our Chess Club's Chess Sets Last Night

United Sulu Chess Club founded in 2008.

Last night, while we were promenading at the Jolo Wharf with my family, the United Sulu Chess Club  martials happened to see us, and walked over towards us.

After a short introduction with the family, they told me that almost all of the chess sets at the Club were stolen last night.

It was very sad, but as we were training ourselves to practice a positive outlook in life, we immediately discussed with them what we would do after the event.

So we decided to purchase new chess sets. We also talked about making the Chess Club burglar-proof. We also decided to have an emergency meeting this Saturday to tackle the matter with the Officers of the Club.

I know I have not been too involved with the Club lately unlike before, but that does not mean I already forget the Club. Your hubby is still your hubby, and you are willing to spend a lot just to remain happy with your chosen hubby.

Chess has been my game since the day my father taught me the rules of the game. Though later, I managed to beat him, and so he encouraged me to look for other opponents to challenge my new-found strength in chess. We always played with father, time and again, when we found a few moments to spare together. Now I missed him, since he already left us last 2011. He passed away.

An example of my internet game here. You may also replay the game in the game board below:

My father's passing had become the turning-point in my life, though. Life had been easy with him by our side. But without him, it had been like sailing on a stormy sea. Luckily, I found a job later that year in November 2011 that helped my family to at least have a positive outlook in life. We had continued to live, and we will do that for a lifetime, while also influencing a lot of people to live with happiness and integrity also.

All members of the family, together with a thousand friends and love ones, had joined the March 14 Anti-Kidnapping rally because we had enough of the misery brought by the spate of kidnapping.

The Sticker that was distributed during the rally.

That rally had been also a turning point for a more peaceful and prosperous life in Jolo. The Jolo Chief of Police had been replaced with a more active officials in the person of PCI Junpikar Sitin. Almost everyday, he is doing his duty and mandate as a police officer. Kidnapping activities have been lessen, in fact, to almost zero.

The Chief Junpikar Sitin used this image as his Computer's Screen Saver.

And so, you will wonder, why had the Sulu Chess Club been ransacked last night? Oh, well, the policemen can't have their eyes in all places at the same time, though Jolo is a small town. We are still hopeful.

Somebody had seen the happening, that robbery. According to the witness, he tried to run after the suspect, but the suspect was fast.

According to the witness, the suspect run to the vicinity of Tulay. He told us that he could recognize the person when he could see him again. Ah, the drug addicts!!!

The new chief of police should run over the Drug Addicts. But according to him, they are preparing for a more bigger catch:

The Chief had been telling on the video that they will not settle on capturing the smaller fish (Pilluk) but they are for the capture of the bigger fish (Mangsa'). We truly hope that they would, as our suspect for the United Sulu Chess Club robbery was a drug addict.

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