Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Video Essay: Jolo is the Prosperous and the Cleanest city in the World?

When we proclaim that Jolo is the prosperous and cleanest city in the world, we are always met with "Duhhh?"

The MILF peace deal with the government is also misunderstood.

Then, solving frequent flood in the Jolo town. . . .

. . . . angered some people, but I think, after everything is complete, they will thank the Provincial and Municipal government for the changes.

Robin Padilla believed in Sulu and its people. Believe in us, too. Believe in our power. The Tausug must work as one.

Little initiative will always go a long a way if we clear our minds of our prejudices and bad perception against other people. Let's learn to trust one another for peace and prosperity.

Apply the "Pygmalion Effect", not the "Golem Effect. We can do it. 

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