Saturday, May 17, 2014

The BassaKao Arrests the Chief of Jolo Police for an Hour

The Ladies of BassaKao visit the Chief Sitin to strengthen private-public partnership for a more peaceful and progressive Jolo
Partnership between law enforcers and the civilian population is a must for the rule of law to work as it should.

The #BassaKao (Bangsa Sug Against Kidnapping and Other Crimes) core group visited the Chief Junpikar Sitin at his office today to convey the message of thanks of the people to the new-found energy of the law enforcers in Jolo in keeping the civilian population out of harms way of the bad guys.

We all must thank the Jolo Municipal Police for doing their job well and for returning law and order to the little town of Jolo, Sulu. Now, the people of Jolo are beginning to be informed about what the real POLICE do and what laws they enforce.

"Tara, mag-umpisa tayo sa education about the laws of TRAFFIC," biro pa ni Chief Sitin.

We at the BassaKao honestly believe that the Honorable Mayor of Jolo, Mayor Amin, will support the initiative to educate the people of Jolo about the Laws of the Land, not just in theory, not just in books, but in practice, now happening daily in the streets of Jolo, through the efforts of our energetic Policemen and women in the Jolo Municipal Police Station.

We at the Bassakao is truly grateful, so do the people of the little town of Jolo.

The BassaKao core group posing beside the new Jolo Municipal Police Station newly-built Office.

We thank, the Chief, as well as all of his men for giving us, the good and peaceful people of Jolo, the peace of mind we DESERVE as a people.

Here's the video of The Press Con of the newly installed Chief last March:

Military in full battle gear when buying at the Fish Market in Jolo.

The Star (Malaysia) has this opinion piece, written by Editor Philip Golingai:

"After an anti-kidnapping rally in Jolo town, a new police chief and 300 extra policemen are making their presence felt.

"IN Jolo town, the kidnappers play a cat and mouse game with the police.

"According to the newly appointed Jolo police chief Major Junpikar Sitin, the mice (the kidnappers) are currently in hiding as the cats (police) are out.

"Before Major Sitin was made the top cop in the capital of the Sulu province in southern Philippines, there was a spate of kidnapping of residents in Jolo town."

Mr Philip Golingai, 3rd from the left, while in Sulu with the BassaKao Team.

We all must cooperate for the betterment of our beloved Jolo. Now, more than ever, that we have already good policemen who enforce the rule of law justly and humanly, is the time for the utmost cooperation.

The chief is a native of Jolo, and he has a big heart for his people. On top it all, he is a devout Muslim.

But he still have a hard time solving crimes in Sulu because our people's past bad experiences against law enforcements. The people are not yet prepared to fully trust the new Chief. Those times were the days where there were massive "Palakasan," "Padrino" systems as well as nepotism that all hindered the fulfillment of justice.

"We have suspects," said the Chief, "But in the absence of complaints, we can do nothing, but release them (the suspects)."

The Busy Town of Jolo, Sulu.

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