Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Are souls switch-able?

It's surprising how a ghost can take another person's body, though temporarily.

Hulma (not her real name), 13 years old, is your ordinary kid living next door. Sociable, obedient, playful, Hulma easily gets along with every person in the neighborhood.

One day, that's yesterday morning, she told her parents that she'll gonna go to the Sulu High School to enroll as freshman there. Her mother handed her P20 as her pocketmoney.

Later that day, her friends called home that Hulma was shouting loudly at school and making a great show. Her parents picked her up on a motorized tricycle home.

The whole afternoon, she was shouting loudly: "Bukun aku hi Hulma! Bukun aku hi Hulma!" (I am not Hulma! I am not Hulma!)

She was doing that over and over again, as if she was not losing a bit of energy.

The family decided that she brought to the hospital for check up, but another member of the family advised otherwise, saying Hulma won't get cured in the hospital, as she might have another problem all along.

They thought that she was being possessed by another soul.

So a medicine man arrived later at night. He was able to cure the girl. The girl now was normal the whole night and the next day. She now was doing what she usually did, watching TV at her neighbor, playing with other kids, washing plates.

But tonight at 10 o'clock, she was again shouting that ominous phrase, and in a very loud voice!

The neighborhood panicked and sought again for the help of the medicine man.  The medicine man arrived and applied pressure on Hulma's feet. The other member of the family and friends were holding at her hands and little body. She was too strong despite her petite figure. She was thrasing here and about shouting "Bukun aku hi Hulma!" over and over.

You would have cried, too, when you were around. You'll get heartbroken seeing an innocent fragile kids looking the way Hulma looked tonight, with ashen face, with tears streaming down her cheeks, thrashing here and about, and shouting same phrases over and over again.

After a while, the medicine man's exorcism finally worked, and our little Hulma had regained her own consciousness. She was now as innocent-looking as she always was. She was staring at something on the wall, which her elder brother was trying to block her from view. Then she cried a little more.

The medicine man said that Hulma will now be OK. Let her rest, he assured the family. He left at 10:45pm.

But at 11pm now, she is shouting all over again!

Do you experience this? What would you have done when this happen to your family?

#content is mine and is a real story

#image is not mine, copied from: http://alisina.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/exorcism.gif


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